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Who would believe that the 2020 lockdown made me discover my true life purpose? I have been a "closed chef" all my life!
I studied graphic design, because of my love of advertising. The power of concept visualisation. I did clothing design for 14 years, but it was always frustrating because I didn't study fashion design and was unable to make a clothing pattern. 


After closing my clothing business I became a waiter. I was privileged to work at really great restaurants and discovered my love for food. As a kid, I used to watch my mother, who we called Mutti, German for Mother, and was always fascinated by her cooking. I once asked her how she knows what to do? 


She explained: “The first time I make something new, I use a recipe. After the first time I then adjust it to my taste and flavour profile". This is how I learned to cook. I would take two to three recipes and take from each one that I like, make it and adjust to the flavour I prefer. So as an Aquarius I make it my own. 


So during lockdown a taste flavourbomb, which I tasted 4 years before moved me to start putting a concept together. Within one month my concept was finalised. Then cooking and experimenting started. 


In June 2020 Kim and I started exploring possible ways to get our flavourbomb Korean Style food out into the market. In the 2nd week of August, we started at the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays at the Neighbour Goods Market in Woodstock. They loved our concept and understanding of street food. 


In December 2020 we made the big move and opened upstairs at the V&A Food Market. 


Some might say CRAZY!!!
We just say: Be Plucky!!!


Our mission statement: Make My Day!



This is where we manufacture and deliver your tasteful Flavourbomb.

You can watch us over the counter as we do this with passion.

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